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February 18, 2018 • MIT License
LMGraphView is a simple and customizable graph view for iOS.
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July 09, 2017 • MIT License
Tree Graph Simple. You can make Tree Graph view using array. I can take a array and add relationship with data. Array Is this Format. --------------------------------------------------- ...
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June 27, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
A versatile core graphics graph for iOS in swift
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Scrollable GraphView

May 23, 2016 • MIT License
An adaptive scrollable graph view for iOS to visualise simple discrete datasets. Written in Swift.
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September 10, 2014 • MIT License
**UPDATED FOR APPLE WATCH** JYGraphView is an easy way to graph data in a simple and minimalist style. It is easy to get up and running and highly customisable. The sample app helps you configur...
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April 05, 2014 • MIT License
`SHLineGraphView` is a simple and efficient reusable UIView subview which you can use to create line graphs. It uses Core Graphics and Core Animation to create the light weight graphs. it is easy t...
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December 11, 2013 • MIT License
iTunes Style - Graph Controller - A complete collection of subclasses and controller classes to make any `WebView` a custom iTunes style horizontal graph. You can style this graph with CSS. All tra...
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June 15, 2013 • MIT License
A simple but effective dynamic GraphView implementation for iPhone SDK for float values. It is easy to implement and works statically with an array of floats as well as dynamically by adding val...
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March 21, 2013 • MIT License
Draw graphs on iOS. Create an `FDGraphView`, set its `dataPoints` (an `NSArray` of `NSNumber`s), add it to another view and the graph will be magically show. As simple as that.
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March 06, 2013 • MIT License
ADGraphView is an iOS drop-in class that displays graph with scroll and zoom abilities.