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Enlighten screenshot


💡 An integrated spotlight-based onboarding and help library for macOS, written in Swift.

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GuidedCamera screenshot


Using iOS camera and taking picture inside guide line area.

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MYPassthrough screenshot


Framework that helps you to guide the user through your application, step by step.

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Kamishibai screenshot


Kamishibai makes easy to create long tutorial.

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AutoKeyboard screenshot


Fully Automatic Keyboard handling. It updates constraints which are bounded with bottomLayoutGuide.

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KJOverlayTutorial screenshot


A Tutorial for iOS

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KSGuideController screenshot


A beautiful animated novice guide controller written in Swift. 一个漂亮的新手引导库。

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AMTooltip screenshot


Simple and easy library to show tooltip in iOS

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AFCurvedArrowView screenshot


A view to show a configurable arrow wherever you need. (Mostly useful for user guides) You don’t need to have different images for arrows for different screen sizes.

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LUNTutorialViewController screenshot


UIViewController designed to simplify creation of tutorial/onboarding of your iOS application

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ZWIntroductionViewController screenshot


Custom app introductions and tutorials , welcome video

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UIGuidedView screenshot


A simple UIView designed to guide a user through a controlled flow

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SwiftyWalkthrough screenshot


The easiest way to create a great walkthrough experience in your apps, powered by Swift.

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INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout screenshot


UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying electronic program guide.

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AOTutorial screenshot


A tutorial component with fade in / fade out animation for background images that mimic the path tutorial application

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RCHGestureGuide screenshot


A tool to display gesture hints to your users on any area of user interface area of your application. Allow the user to dismiss and remove guides for different areas of your applications and re-enable them on demand. Easily customize the icons and animations.

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CEGuideArrow screenshot


A custom UI component to point at different locations on the screen at arbitrary angles and sizes. Can be used for tutorials, hinting at what inputs have errors, etc.

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iOS Filter Control screenshot

iOS Filter Control

An iOS Filter UIControl Subclass. Zero Graphics. Highly Customizable.

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