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FlexibleHeader screenshot


A Container view that responds to scrolling of the UIScrollView

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ReusableProtocol screenshot


A helpful and pure Swift implemented library for registering and reusing cells or views in the table view and collection view.

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OffsetCoordinator screenshot


🍏 Handle the header view position when having multiple scroll views.

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ILSParallaxHeader screenshot


Custom UIView subclass header for UITableView with parallax effect on images.

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JYBounceHeader screenshot


Basic BounceHeader when you use scrollview, Use Bounce Header effect!

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PKCSwipeReusableView screenshot


ReusableView Add Left, Right Swipe Button

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ParallaxHeader screenshot


Simple way to add parallax header to UIScrollView/UITableView written in Swift.

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TwitterAnimation screenshot


Twiiter animation with strechty header and tableview cells with differnt type

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StretchyHeaderView screenshot


A generic stretchy header for UIScrollView, and allows you to change navigation bar's appearance dynamically.

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Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool screenshot

Xcode 8 headers (imports) sorting tool

Xcode shortcut to sort #imports. Support Xcode 8

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SJSegmentedViewController screenshot


SJSegmentedScrollView is a light weight generic controller written in Swift 2.3. Its a simple customisable controller were you can integrate any number of ViewControllers into a segmented controlle...

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StretchHeader screenshot


tableview stretch header

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SegmentHeaderView (like Skype) screenshot

SegmentHeaderView (like Skype)

UIScrollView with segment control in Header view like Skype. Video:

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ExpandableTableView screenshot


This subclass of UITableView makes the Headers to expand or collapse.

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GSKStretchyHeaderView screenshot


A generic, easy to use stretchy header for UITableView and UICollectionView. It works without subclassing your table or collection view or by using a custom UICollectionViewLayout, so you can easil...

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RKParallaxEffect screenshot


RKParallax Effect is written in swift and provides API to create a parallax effect on UITableHeaderView with Full Screen option.

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SWSegmentedControl screenshot


A Android-like tab bar, drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl written in Swift.

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TKParallaxScrollView screenshot


TKParallaxScrollView is the interactive moving library for header and middle views on scrollview.

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MXParallaxHeader screenshot


MXParallaxHeader is a simple header class for UIScrolView. In addition, MXScrollView is a UIScrollView subclass with the ability to hook the vertical scroll from its subviews, this can be used t...

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IOStickyHeader screenshot


Parallax and Sticky header done right using UICollectionViewLayout

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SAStickyHeader screenshot


A very simple sticky header with multiple image support via swipe gestures

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CleanHeaders-Xcode screenshot


A simple iSort like header sorting and duplicate removal plugin for Xcode

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CC3DPerspectiveAnimationHeaderTableView screenshot


CC3DPerspectiveAnimationHeaderTableView is a UITableView which implemented 3D perspective animation header.

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NVBnbCollectionView screenshot


A collection view inspired from Airbnb app. This comes with beautiful parallax effect on scrolling, built-in header and more loader. In addition, use of NVBnbCollectionView is as easy as UICollect...

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GKFadeNavigationController screenshot


This is an example implementation of a UINavigationController with support of animated hiding and showing it's Navigation Bar. Features - Animates tint color - Takes care of the status bar c...

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