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MZBookshelfCollectionViewLayout screenshot


Bookshelf like iBooks layout for UICollectionView.

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SCPageScrubberBar screenshot


SCPageScrubberBar is a page scrubber bar like ibooks. SCPageScrubberBar works with iOS5.0+ and ARC.

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GC3DFlipTransitionStyleSegue screenshot


iBooks-style 3D flip transition animation rendered in OpenGL ES 2.0 and wrapped in a UIStoryboardSegue subclass.

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GSBookShelf screenshot


An iBooks-styled bookshelf.

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PageCurl screenshot


This application makes use of the manipulation of multiple CALayers attached to a single UIView to "fake" a page curl/page flip effect for the iPad. It's the next best thing to iBooks until Apple r...

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EPGLTransitionView screenshot


OpenGL ES view for animating a view transition.

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Leaves screenshot


An iBooks-like page-turning interface for iPhone and iPad apps using only public APIs.

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