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MZCroppableView screenshot


November 13, 2013 • BSD License
MZCroppableView is a subclass of UIView that helps in irregular image cropping.
PEPhotoCropEditor screenshot


June 01, 2013 • MIT License
PEPhotoCropEditor is image cropping library for iOS, similar to the UI. - Both iPhone/iPad supported - iOS 5.0 or higher
Image Cropper screenshot

Image Cropper

December 21, 2012 • BSD License
Unlike other crop tools, this is highly optimized and uses Quartz for crop layer drawing rather than multiple UIView for showing a translucent region.
iOS Image Editor screenshot

iOS Image Editor

December 18, 2012 • MIT License
Extensible and configurable iOS View Controller for image cropping. Plug-in your own interface. Features: outputs full image resolution, unlimited pan, zoom and rotation, double tap to reset, han...
AGSimpleImageEditorView screenshot


March 09, 2012 • MIT License
Yet Another Image Editor for iOS.