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TWImageBrowser screenshot


image browser or banner for UIView

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SYPhotoBrowser screenshot


A cute and lightweight photo browser like Tweetbot3.

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MMPaperGallery screenshot


Image Browser similar to Facebook Paper app

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PhotoSlider screenshot


PhotoSlider can a simple photo slider and delete slider with swiping.

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DKImageBrowser screenshot


iOS Image Browser with a Thumbnail Strip

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MMFlowView screenshot


MMFlowView is a class designed to support the "CoverFlow" effect and it is intended to use in a similar way like IKImageBrowserView. It supports all the image types (URLs, NSImage, Icons, QuartzCom...

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BCCollectionView screenshot


A more versatile, faster and lighter replacement for NSCollectionView. Note: This is a fork of pieteromvlee's code. I will replace my repo with his as soon as he merges my changes in or adds a diff...

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