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Loafjet screenshot


February 04, 2022 β€’ MIT License
πŸš€ Loafjet is a lightweight custom framework used to add Loafs, Dash Board, Popup Card, and Loading indicator in your Swift project
Indicate screenshot


June 02, 2021 β€’ MIT License
Interactive notification pop-over (aka "Toast) modeled after the iOS AirPods and Apple Pencil indicator.
SPIndicator screenshot


May 23, 2021 β€’ MIT License
Floating indicator, mimicrate to indicator which appear when silent mode turn on / off. Support large texts.
AquaProgressIndicator screenshot


March 01, 2021 β€’ MIT License
🌊 Aqua progress indicator is to inform the user about the progress while loading something single and important.
KoalaActivityIndicator screenshot


January 30, 2021 β€’ MIT License
KoalaActivityIndicator is created for people who loves koalaπŸ¨πŸ’™ and wants to add a non boring version of activity indicator. If you have any issues or if you need any feature, create an issue on Git...
PUWaitHUD screenshot


January 20, 2021 β€’ MIT License
`PUWaitHUD` is the collection of awesome loading animations that can be used to display as api response waiting indicators.
DockProgress screenshot


June 10, 2020 β€’ MIT License
Show progress in your app's Dock icon. Includes multiple styles.
CircularProgress screenshot


June 09, 2020 β€’ MIT License
Circular progress indicator for your macOS app.
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April 17, 2020 β€’ MIT License
A simple Progresshud written in Swift, compatible with Swift 5.0. Five different style is added to use. Easy to customize.
PlayIndicator screenshot


February 15, 2020 β€’ MIT License
Animated PlayIndicator written in SwiftUI. Inspired by Apple's Music Player.
SRActivityIndicator screenshot


November 27, 2019 β€’ MIT License
Alternative to UIActivityIndicator with center image.
ImageWithActivityIndicator screenshot


June 25, 2019 β€’ Apache 2.0 License
ImageWithActivityIndicator is a SwiftUI view that download and display image from URL and displaying Activity Indicator while loading .
LoadingShimmer screenshot


May 31, 2019 β€’ MIT License
An easy way to add a shimmering effect to any view with just single line of code. It is useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator. This is a network request waiting for the framework, the framewor...
LMGaugeViewSwift screenshot


May 30, 2019 β€’ MIT License
LMGaugeViewSwift is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.
RemainingCountIndicator screenshot


March 20, 2019 β€’ MIT License
Remaining count indicator like a tweet screen of twitter.
PGLevelIndicator screenshot


January 23, 2019 β€’ MIT License
A swift component that shows levels of whatever you want.
CustomScrollView screenshot


December 27, 2018 β€’ MIT License
Make Indicator always visible for UIScrollView in iOS
ASSpinnerView screenshot


December 25, 2018 β€’ MIT License
Spinner as a loading indicator
SHSelectionIndicator screenshot


December 23, 2018 β€’ MIT License
Selection Indicator is used to indicate the selected button using an image.
DTCircularActivityIndicator screenshot


November 09, 2018 β€’ MIT License
circular activity indicator. Easy to customize.