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DPImageView-Letters screenshot


An easy, helpful UIImageView extension that generates letter initials as a placeholder for user images, with a custom background color and double border with custom stroke width Completely support...

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LetterAvatarKit screenshot


An extension that generates letter-based avatars

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AvatarImageView screenshot


AvatarImageView is a customisable subclass of UIImageView that is designed to show users' profile pictures. It falls back to the user's initials with a random background color if no profile picture...

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UIImageView-AGCInitials screenshot


An UIImageView category that allows to set an image containing the initials of a contact's name on a colored background. The color of the background is the same for identical names.

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CDFInitialsAvatar screenshot


Simple to use initials avatar generator. Great for avatar placeholders and such.

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BMInitialsPlaceholderView screenshot


Circular placeholder view with text similar to iMessage

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