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AnimatedCardInput screenshot


Customisable and easy to use Credit Card UI.

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PokerCard screenshot


A new generation of Alert View with fluid design

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SGDigitTextField screenshot


Elegant and Simplest Digit UITextField

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PHOTPView screenshot


Fully Customized pin code(OTP) verification view without storyboard.

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Ribbon screenshot


🎀 A simple cross-platform toolbar/custom input accessory view library for iOS & macOS.

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FormattedTextField screenshot


UITextField subclass that supports text formatting

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RAGTextField screenshot


Subclass of UITextField that adds an animated placeholder and an optional hint label below the text. Supports an arbitrary view in the background of the text (outline and underline views are provid...

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PinCodeInputView screenshot


A input text view for entering pin code.

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SBMessageInputView screenshot


A home made iMessage textview with an accessory button.

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KeyboardKit screenshot


KeyboardKit is a Swift library for creating iOS keyboard extension apps.

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BxTextField screenshot


Custom TextField Inherited from UITextField and don't use delegate Can use patterns sides with constant text Have formatting putting Correct working with selection text Fixed native issues (pr...

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TextFieldsTraversalController screenshot


A controller to manage the traversal of a collection of textfields. This controller comes with a custom inputAccessoryView that mimics the one used in Safari when traversing through a form.

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GLInputPanel screenshot


GLInputPanel is an common control, it usally use in use upload pic , comment article , upload video and so on.

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DemoInPutPasswordView screenshot


A input password demo like wechat pay. 仿微信支付密码输入框

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StackScrollView screenshot


iOS form builder in Swift

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Toolbar screenshot


Awesome autolayout Toolbar

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SwiftyPredictor screenshot


Swift API for Yandex.Predictor service.

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RSFloatInputView screenshot


A Float Input View with smooth animation and supporting icon and seperator written with Swift

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SJTwitterTagInputTextView screenshot


SJTwitterTagTextView for text input with suggestion. It's like Twitter for getting @ and # tag as input and showing Suggestion for tags and mentions in an Table view which will automatically appea...

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react-native-credit-card-input screenshot


Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project 💳 💳

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AnimatedTextInput screenshot


Animated UITextField and UITextView replacement for iOS

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MMSecretInputView screenshot


Its a custom secret view to design a secret view

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Token Input View screenshot

Token Input View

The TokenInputView class implements the behavior for a scrollable, multiline text (Tokens) seperated by ','. The class supports the display of text using custom style information and also supports ...

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UITextField-Navigation screenshot


UITextField-Navigation adds next, previous and done buttons to the keyboard for your UITextFields and UITextViews. It allows you to specify a next field either on the Interface Builder or programma...

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TextInputLayout screenshot


TextInputLayout, Easy to integrate to your swift project. You can use direction( up/ down) as per your layout

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