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Throttler screenshot


March 04, 2022 • MIT License
Throttler is IO throttling library of one liner closure API. Using Throttler, you can throttle massive number of inputs coming in to the last in a single drop of one line API. Check how Throttl...
Popover screenshot


April 08, 2020 • MIT License
Fully customisable macOS NSPopover drop-in replacement for status bar apps
InStatPlayer screenshot


April 04, 2019 • MIT License
InStatPlayer is a flexible media player, the playback queue consists of an embedded array AVPlayerItem, which makes it easy to get IndexPath, it is very convenient to interact with UITableView.
SnackView screenshot


July 30, 2018 • MIT License
An easy way to present customizable bottom-half alert. SnackView provides some UI elements ready to use.
TTabBarViewController screenshot


February 01, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
Custom UITabBarController class which draw line indicator with custom color above or below the selected tab bar item using 'selectionIndicatorImage' property on the UITabBar class
SelectItemController screenshot


October 03, 2017 • MIT License
SelectItemController is a single selectable dialog. It's easy to use, written in Swift.
Tabbar screenshot


October 01, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
Use Top tabbar by clicking and dragging.
ATNavBarButton screenshot


May 23, 2017 • MIT License
A sub-class of UIBarButtonItem to insert custom buttons or indicatorView into your navigationBar with one line of code. - One line of code - One method to handle all button actions - Change to...
AVPlayerItemHomeOutput screenshot


May 23, 2017 • MIT License
Coordinate the output of content associated with your HomeKit lightbulbs. #Ambilight
SRPopups screenshot


January 13, 2017 • MIT License
Combine SRActionSheet and SRAlertView into SRPopups.
UITabbarItem-CustomBadge screenshot


November 29, 2016 • MIT License
A refined replacement of UITabbarItem badge.
Elissa screenshot


November 15, 2016 • MIT License
Elissa displays a notification on top of a UITabBarItem to reveal additional information. You can display Elissa according to your app’s theming by creating and passing a fully customisable configu...
MJBadgeButtonSwift screenshot


November 07, 2016 • MIT License
Badge value on UIBarButtonItem
RSKCollectionViewRetractableFirstItemLayout screenshot


September 24, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
RSKCollectionViewRetractableFirstItemLayout is an open source collection view grid layout that allows you to add an automatically retracting item to the top of your collection views. The top ret...
AWNavigationMenuItem screenshot


July 30, 2016 • MIT License
Navigation Menu for iOS. Support string and attributed string for menu items.
Periscope-VideoViewController screenshot


June 21, 2016 • MIT License
Video view controller with Periscope fast-rewind control
BIZActivityButton screenshot


May 01, 2016 • MIT License
BIZActivityButton is a subclass of UIButton with activity indicator that can be used to show some processing.
BIZCountNavigationItem screenshot


May 01, 2016 • MIT License
BIZCountNavigationItem is a subclass of UIBarButtonItem that adds count label with animated updates.
BIZSelectedBackgroundForTabBarItem screenshot


April 30, 2016 • MIT License
BIZSelectedBackgroundForTabBarItem is a category for UITabBarController that adds ability to change background of UITabBar item.
FlowBarButtonItem screenshot


January 16, 2016 • Unspecified License
UIBarButtonItem born chat head button.