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JSONTableView screenshot


Expandable JSON data viewer

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DynamicJSON screenshot


Access JSON properties dynamically like JavaScript using Swift 4.2's new @dynamicMemberLookup feature, letting you access JSON like this: `let username = JSON(data).user?.username?.string`

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DictionaryUtils screenshot


iOS Dictionary Utilities for Swift - allowing you to pull properties from a dictionary using a string eg. data.readString("field[0].name")

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PBTreeView screenshot


An UITreeView implementation from UITableView that Apple missed in its UIKit framework. And it is in pure Swift.

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FAParser screenshot


JSON Parsing + Archiving & Unarchiving in User Defaults

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SWEventsPrototypeApp screenshot


e-Where - The Events App - A useful Swift 3 prototype to quickly build out apps.

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Unwind screenshot


Unwind is a JSON parsing library inspired by Argo and several others that allows you to parse your JSON by using infix and postfix operators

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PureForm screenshot


PureForm — the easiest way to build form such as login, questionnaire and etc. screens from JSON file. PureForm provides parsing properties and special params into objects for further manipulation of them.

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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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JAYSON screenshot


Strict and Scalable JSON library

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QuotzzyKit screenshot


An elegant client for Quotzzy API written in Swift.

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Alembic screenshot


Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON

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Atlas screenshot


An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS written in Swift

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SwiftyJSONAccelerator screenshot


JSON to Swift Model Generator (Supports SwiftyJSON and ObjectMapper)

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Genome screenshot


A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0. iOS and OSX Foundation Independent (that means it will work without Cocoa when Swift is Open Source) Feel free to follow me on twitter: <a href="">@logmaestro</a>

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Polymer screenshot


Endpoint focused networking

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AlamofireJsonToObjects screenshot


An Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into swift objects using EVReflection

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EVReflection screenshot


Swift helper library with reflection functions with support for NSCoding, Printable, Hashable, Equatable and JSON. - Parsing objects based on NSObject to a dictionary. - Parsing a dictionary back to an object. - Creating a class from a string value and get the string value for a class. - Support NSCoding methods encodeWithCoder and decodeObjectWithCoder - Supporting Printable, Hashable and Equatable while using all properties. (Support for Set in Swift 1.2) - Parse an object to a JSON string and parse a JSON string to an object

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FMDBHelper screenshot


Easier to use FMDB, support the ORM and JSON into Model.

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Motif screenshot


A lightweight and customizable JSON stylesheet framework for iOS

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JSONHelper screenshot


Lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X written in Swift.

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