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XYChart screenshot


XYChart is designed for line & bar of charts which can compare multiple data in form styles, and limited the range of values to show, and so on.

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MLLineChart screenshot


A simple Line Chart Lib

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LineChart screenshot


This control demonstrates a way to build your own line chart without using any third-party library. It contains a simple yet effective algorithm to build a curved line through a set of points. I do...

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APLineChart screenshot


Fully customizable Line Chart. With a simple setup via Interface Builder you can display one or more lines.

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FSLineChart screenshot


A simple line chart library for iOS that is easily adjustable (size, color, line width, label displayed,...). It comes with a nice and subtle appearing animation.

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ANDLineChartView screenshot


ANDLineChartView is easy to use view-based class for displaying animated line chart. ANDLineChartView is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfi...

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LineChartView screenshot


Interactive line charts / plots for the simplicity-loving iOS developer.

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