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SimpleShimmer screenshot


Use a very simple Shimmer loader for UIView, UITableViewCell or UICollectionCell. Select UIView in IB and actived Shimmer parameters. Use startShimmerAnimation or stopShimmerAnimation method in UIViewController... That's all ! SimpleShimmer is customizable : animation type, color, direction...

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Progressor screenshot


A candy to show the Progress bar with Percentage and time left calculations.

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VDSLoader screenshot


A new Loader with customisation

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Kingfisher screenshot


A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.

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IHProgressHUD screenshot


IHProgressHUD is a clean and easy-to-use HUD meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS and tvOS. IHProgressHUD is based on SVProgressHUD and ported to Swift with the help of Swiftify, with additional improvements like added thread safety and not using complier flag for use in iOS App Extension.

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VDS4CircleLoader screenshot


a loading animation created in swift. drag a UIView onto storyboard in xcode. change UIView class to VDSCircleAnimation. Thats it enjoy!!

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GeometricLoaders screenshot


Fancy and beautiful loaders for you awesome apps!

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VDSShimmerView screenshot


make a loading shimmer view like facebook

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RHPlaceholder screenshot


Because traditional loading view like UIActivityIndicatorView or similar one are no longer so trendy (Facebook or Instagram apps are moving away from these approaches), I decided to create very simple library which will give you oportunity to have Facebook or Instagram 'view loading state' in your great project without big effort ❗️🍕

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LoadingPlaceholderView screenshot


Non-blocking animated gradient placeholder view for your async tasks.

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FullMaterialLoader screenshot


FullMaterialLoader is the swift library to show and animate the loader

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SSSpinnerButton screenshot


SSSpinnerButton is an elegant button with different spinner animations.

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HeartLoadingView screenshot


Beautiful progress loader with wave animation and fully customizable

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Material Activity Indicator screenshot

Material Activity Indicator

Material Activity Indicator

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SKActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A lightweight And Easy-To-Use ActivityIndicator For Your iOS App.

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SDLoader screenshot


SDLoader is easy to use and customisable HUD for showing ongoing activity for iPhone and iPad iOS devices.

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Apple Watch loader screenshot

Apple Watch loader

the missing apple watch loader

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ANLoader screenshot


Create Swift loader in a single line with beautiful animation. 🏵

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AJProgressView screenshot


A subclass of UIView for managing progress, which can be customized according to your application design. Simply add the center image and layer color and its done.

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ListPlaceholder screenshot


ListPlaceholder is a swift library allows you to easily add facebook style animated loading placeholder to your tableviews or collection views.

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PUGifLoaderControl-Framework screenshot


PUGifLoaderControl - swift is a clean and easy-to-use loader meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS

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