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RRPagingCollectionView screenshot


The simplest way to make your collection view pagination

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RRAWSRxUpload screenshot


Multiple image uploading on AWS S3 server by RxSwift

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SkeletonUI screenshot


SkeletonUI aims to bring an elegant, declarative syntax to skeleton loading animations. Get rid of loading screens or spinners and start using skeletons to represent final content shapes.

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LoadingShimmer screenshot


An easy way to add a shimmering effect to any view with just single line of code. It is useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator. This is a network request waiting for the framework, the framewor...

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LMGaugeViewSwift screenshot


LMGaugeViewSwift is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.

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SSPlaceHolderTableView screenshot


This is simple and easy state wise placeholder for table view and collection view.

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Kingfisher screenshot


A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.

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VDS4CircleLoader screenshot


a loading animation created in swift. drag a UIView onto storyboard in xcode. change UIView class to VDSCircleAnimation. Thats it enjoy!!

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ASSpinnerView screenshot


Spinner as a loading indicator

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FSnapChatLoading screenshot


A loading tool similar to that in Snapchat

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DTCircularActivityIndicator screenshot


circular activity indicator. Easy to customize.

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VDSShimmerView screenshot


make a loading shimmer view like facebook

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RHPlaceholder screenshot


Because traditional loading view like UIActivityIndicatorView or similar one are no longer so trendy (Facebook or Instagram apps are moving away from these approaches), I decided to create very sim...

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LoadingPlaceholderView screenshot


Non-blocking animated gradient placeholder view for your async tasks.

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SSSpinnerButton screenshot


SSSpinnerButton is an elegant button with different spinner animations.

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AMDots screenshot


AMDots is a loading indicator for iOS

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HeartLoadingView screenshot


Beautiful progress loader with wave animation and fully customizable

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ERProgressHud-ObjectiveC screenshot


A simple ProgressHud written in ObjectiveC. Five different kinds of ProgressHud is implemented to use. Very easy to customize. There are various options like ProgressHud with title, without title, ...

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ProcessLoadingView screenshot


A Process loading view where the user can nearly customize everything in it.

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AZCollectionViewController screenshot


Auto pagination for UICollectionView. No more empty views you can create your own error, loading views in story board or with xib's.

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Loadmation screenshot


Loading animation for iOS Swift

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SpinnerActivityIndicator screenshot


Interactive UIKit dynamics based Activity Indicator that works like real fidget spinner. User can actually interact with this spinner while waiting for your app performing some time-consuming op...

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Apple Watch loader screenshot

Apple Watch loader

the missing apple watch loader

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Windless screenshot


Windless makes it easy to implement invisible layout loading view.

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SkeletonView screenshot


An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting

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