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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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BCMagicTransition screenshot


A MagicMove Style Custom VC Transiton

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DeckBrewWrapper screenshot


DeckBrew Wrapper is an wrapper for Deck Brew, a Magic the Gathering API. It consists of an API wrapper responsible for the network calls (DBAPIWrapper), requests classes (subclasses of the DBRequest class), and classes for cards and card sets (DBCard, DBCardEdition, and DBCardSet).

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MagicWrapper screenshot


Magic Wrapper is an Objective-C client/wrapper for M:tgDb, the Magic the Gathering open database project.

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SugarRecord screenshot


A Core Data management library written in Swift. Thanks to SugarRecord you'll be able to start the Core Data stack structure just with a line of code and start working with your database models using closures thanks to the fact that SugarRecord is completly written in Swift.

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CFMagicEvents screenshot


This trick was initially created to make an app for my children (available on appStore for free : "Incredible" App - US/EN/FR version). This allows to use your back camera as a simple button. Technically, frames are captured from the back camera, and a simple algorithm is checking the fall of luminosity due to passage of your finger.

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MagicPie screenshot


A powerful and easy to use pie chart control with fluid animations.

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BloodMagic screenshot


Provides kind of custom property attributes. @interface ViewController : UIViewController <BMLazy> @property (nonatomic, strong) ProgressViewService *progressViewService; @property (nonatomic, strong) ResourceLoader *resourceLoader; @end @implementation ViewController @dynamic progressViewService; @dynamic resourceLoader; - (void)loadResources { [self.progressViewService showProgressInView:self.view]; self.resourceLoader.delegate = self; [self.resourceLoader loadResources]; } @end progressViewService and resourceLoader will be initialized on demand.

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