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HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView screenshot

HFSwipeView - Infinite Scrolling ScrollView

Infinite Swipe View for iOS written in Swift Of course this is a view-based control, you can add it at any type of UIView, even on a cell of UITableView and UICollectionView. - supports infin...

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YPMagnifyingGlass screenshot


Magnifying Glass for Swift This is a magnifying glass like the one in the iOS or Safari that pops up when you select some text. This is a quick and dirty Swift port of ACMagnifying...

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VMMagnifyComparer screenshot


A magnified comparison between two images. For more information, please refer to

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iOS-MagnifyingGlass screenshot


ACMagnifyingGlass is a magnifier (or loupe) like the one you can find in when moving the cursor.

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