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OMJoystick screenshot


This is the JoyStick UI library for SwiftUI.

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DMInject screenshot


DMInject is a Dependency Manager that helps you to clear your code and be more productive.

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is-camera-on screenshot


Check if the built-in Mac camera is on.

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TableCollectionManager screenshot


Lightweight generic library to build table and collection views in a declarative type-safe style

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KeyboardShortcuts screenshot


Add user-customizable global keyboard shortcuts to your macOS app in minutes

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RoundCode screenshot


Custom rounded QR code encoder and decoder

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G8 Theme Manager screenshot

G8 Theme Manager

G8 allow to centralize themes and apply styles to your interface and your UIKit objects. Define uniform styles for all your labels, buttons and other views and apply them when you need.

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SwiftSunburstDiagram screenshot


SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.

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LanguageManager-iOS-Lokalise screenshot


Language manager used to handle change app language.

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ImageWithActivityIndicator screenshot


ImageWithActivityIndicator is a SwiftUI view that download and display image from URL and displaying Activity Indicator while loading .

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Juggernaut screenshot


Download manager Running in the background Loading multiple files You can cancel, pause, resume, reload

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UnderlineTextField screenshot


UnderlineTextField + FocusManager

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MHNetwork screenshot


Say goodbye to the Fat ugly singleton Network Manager with this Network Layer

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ILSCloudKitManager screenshot


ILSCloudKitManager is wrapper for managing apple's CloudKit operations like create, update, fetch and delete records.

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DPPickerManager screenshot


UIPicker inside a UIAlertController

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WZQInstantSearch screenshot


An Algorithm For Instant Search

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FileManage-Swift screenshot


Made entirely by code without using storyboard which makes it easier for anyone to use, implement and support all screen sizes useful for testing and released apps incase your app involves downl...

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AutoKeyboard screenshot


Fully Automatic Keyboard handling. It updates constraints which are bounded with bottomLayoutGuide.

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TableManager screenshot


TableManager is an extension of UITableView. Manipulate your table in an easier way. Add sections and rows. Configure headers and footers. Hide and show rows individually. And this library will han...

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GoogleLoginManager screenshot


Login Manager for Google (Google Plus Deprecated). Written in Swift 3.0 and Objective C.

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BBLocationManager screenshot


A Location Manager for easily implementing location services & geofencing in iOS.

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ManagedLog screenshot


This projects was created in order to improve the best way to see logs and events around the app when the app was in state of QA. We can logs events and see what information is send to service in ...

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AMGCalendarManager screenshot


EventKit helper for Swift 3

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SwiftUserManager screenshot


A usermanager written in swift 3.0 saves you from hassle of saving your active user session. ** Call api and give the json to MOProfile to make a model and call UserManager.setCurrentUser(model...

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MFCameraManager screenshot


Manage camera session in a given UIView. Capture image with the given CGRect. Scan barcode and also capture the Image . Swift 4 supported.

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