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August 04, 2018 • MIT License
Easy to use double side center slider, that can show value in (A,B) Range.
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June 25, 2016 • MIT License
Functional JSON parsing, mapping to objects, and serialize to JSON
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June 24, 2016 • MIT License
An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS written in Swift
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May 20, 2016 • MIT License
A super fast & convenient object mapper tailored for your needs
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September 27, 2015 • MIT License
A simple, type safe, failure driven mapping library for serializing JSON to models in Swift 2.0. iOS and OSX Foundation Independent (that means it will work without Cocoa when Swift is Open S...
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August 10, 2015 • MIT License
Endpoint focused networking
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April 16, 2015 • MIT License
Automatic dictionary to model conversion using kvc and runtime API. Supports core data. Mapping can be fully configured. Checkout Github for an Alamofire Extension NOTE: The cocoapod versio...
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ObjectMapper (Swift)

November 13, 2014 • MIT License
ObjectMapper is a framework written in Swift that makes it easy for you to convert your Model objects to and from JSON.
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May 26, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
Small library that parse almost automatically JSON and map it to any object, works with NSManagedObject.
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May 24, 2014 • MIT License
Securize the mapping between your JSON and your model.
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April 16, 2014 • Apache 2.0 License
Smart JSON to NSObject mapping using Cocoa's KVC. Motis is a user-friendly interface with Key Value Coding that provides your NSObjects tools to map key-values stored in dictionaries into themse...
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March 28, 2014 • MIT License
Helpers to use RestKit with less code, just a simple plist file.
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September 06, 2013 • BSD License
An open source alternative to MapKit.
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August 06, 2012 • Apache 2.0 License
Easily create table views with a block-based syntax.
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May 12, 2011 • Apache 2.0 License
Cocoa class for drawing a world map like in Google Analytics. Authored by GitHub user dev2dev, this repo simply adds a sample project.
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May 12, 2011 • MIT License
An iOS library for displaying tiled maps with support for custom tile providers.