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A simple and customizable Markdown Parser for Swift

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EFMarkdown screenshot


A lightweight Markdown library for iOS.

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MarkdownView screenshot


Markdown View for iOS.

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Notepad screenshot


A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting.

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MarkedView screenshot


The MarkedView is the markdown text viewer

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Marklight screenshot


Markdown syntax highlighter for iOS

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TLDR screenshot


Too Long; Didn't read. TLDR man page in Swift. This is the open source code for the app available in app store at

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RFMarkdownTextView screenshot


This is a UITextView that is supposed to replicate the comment toolbar in iOctocat ( with auto-insert markdown functionality.

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Note IT: Markdown Notebook screenshot

Note IT: Markdown Notebook

Not a control but full source code of an app. The app is not finished and has never been published on the App Store. To use, switch to the `Notepad` target and launch.

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PBEmojiLabel screenshot


This is a UILabel category which allows you to insert Emojis you use in Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp,, Teambox, Trac and Flowdock without the need to calculate where to insert some UIImages representing the Emojis.

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