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Google Map 3d Marker screenshot

Google Map 3d Marker

Simple implementation of a 3d marker where you just need to set the header and position of the marker i would love if anyone uploaded a dae model of an SUV and other cars since i only have one which i bought since all the free models weren't in High Definition

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SRAttractionsMap screenshot


The map contains attractions placed on it with the abillity to click and see the full description.

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CarPlay screenshot


Car animation on map, Vehicle play on map like Uber and Ola

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ARCarMovement screenshot


This is navigation example on google map. Here Marker move as vehicles moves with turns as uber does in their app. Using old and new coordinates animating bearing value the markers are moving.

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FLTickerSlider screenshot


Simple and light weight slider with ticker

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HACClusterMapViewController screenshot


HACClusterMapViewController class is written in Objective-C and facilitates the use of maps when they have many pins that show.

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TSClusterMapView screenshot


MKMapView with clustering. Forked and improved ADClusterMapView

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REMarkerClusterer screenshot


REMarkerClusterer creates and manages per-zoom-level clusters for large amounts of markers. As seen in Pinsnap iPhone app. REMarkerClusterer was inspired by the Apple Photos app on the iPhone, REMarkerClusterer mimics it's behaviour providing animations for grouping and ungrouping clusters.

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