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XLayout screenshot


🐳 Swift Auto Layout DSL with more lightweight syntax for macOS.

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FlexLib screenshot


FlexLib is a framework for creating native iOS applications using a human-readable markup language, similar to Android and .NET development way. The layout is written in xml file based on flexbox model, easy and powerful. Support hot preview, avoid keyboard, iPhoneX adaption and many other features. Trash xib & storyboard, autolayout & masonry now. :)

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EasyLayout-Swift screenshot


Easy to use AutoLayout, simpler is more powerful.

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EasyLayout screenshot


EasyLayout is an AutoLayout library like Masonry but more. Just for fun :)

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Masonry screenshot


A light-weight layout framework which makes creating iOS AutoLayout NSLayoutConstraints in code quick, readable and descriptive.

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RFQuiltLayout screenshot


RFQuiltLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout that positions various sized cells like a mason laying bricks. * Fast * Insert/Delete animation friendly * Dynamic layouts however you'd like them.

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WaterflowView screenshot


A Pinterest-like masonry view.

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