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Alamofire screenshot


March 18, 2022 • MIT License
Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
LMGaugeViewSwift screenshot


May 30, 2019 • MIT License
LMGaugeViewSwift is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.
TZSpeedometer screenshot


May 05, 2019 • MIT License
TZSpeedometer lets you display the meter with both positive & negative readings. It also supports marking to be shown inside or outside the gauge/meter. Highly customizable and easy to use.
RulerControl screenshot


August 28, 2018 • MIT License
RulerControl is a draggable, resizable UIControl that provides real world length measurement.
AMSpeedMeter screenshot


March 02, 2018 • MIT License
AMSpeedMeterView is a view can display the value at regular time intervals.
SPDashBoard-Gauge screenshot


September 19, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
DashBoard-Gauge is A Purely Swift 3.0 based Implementation
Semi Circular Scale screenshot

Semi Circular Scale

April 16, 2017 • Apache 2.0 License
A simple component to show circular scale, gauge etc
OMMeter screenshot


December 26, 2016 • Apache 2.0 License
Lightweight CoreGraphics Meter in Swift
LMGaugeView screenshot


August 12, 2015 • MIT License
LMGaugeView is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.
MAThermometer screenshot


June 27, 2014 • MIT License
A Progress bar shaped as a thermometer customizable. You can also use it to display temperature !
XCParameterizedTestCase screenshot


April 10, 2014 • MIT License
Parameterized implementation of XCTestCase.
SOMotionDetector screenshot


March 10, 2014 • MIT License
Simple library to detect motion type (walking, running, automotive)
WMGaugeView screenshot


February 19, 2014 • MIT License
Highly customizable gauge control for iOS.
SFGaugeView screenshot


January 31, 2014 • MIT License
A gauge control.
RCounter screenshot


December 30, 2013 • Apache 2.0 License
A counter control with the old style counter/tickers.
DPMeterView screenshot


March 15, 2013 • MIT License
Gravity-aware gauge-style meter view with delightful animations. It should be easy to fill a shape with a color, to visually reflect a percentage. And if you turn on gravity and tilt your iPh...
MeterView screenshot


May 13, 2011 • MIT License
Dashboard-style gauges for iOS.
Rotatable MapView screenshot

Rotatable MapView

May 12, 2011 • Unspecified License
A map view that rotates in response to the accelerometer.