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SwiftEntryKit screenshot


SwiftEntryKit is a banner presenter library for iOS. It can be used to easily display pop-ups and notification-like views within your iOS apps.

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DJSemiModalViewController screenshot


Simple semi modal presentation dialog with stacked content

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SRMModalViewController screenshot


SRMModalViewController support a easy way to display a view with modal style.

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AFBlurSegue screenshot


Custom UIStoryboardSegue implementation for blurring the background of a modal view controller

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MHDismissModalView screenshot


Dismiss a Modal View with a gesture. Automatic Background Blur

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DMCustomModalViewController screenshot


A UIViewController which take a root view controller and present it modally with a nice animations and customization options. You can present it full screen or not. It provides some cool gesture to dismiss the modal view.

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HCPushBackAnimation screenshot


Demo of push back animation to display a modal view controller.

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RNBlurModalView screenshot


Add some depth to the traditional modal/alert view with RNBlurModalView. Calling the view is incredibly similar to setting up and showing a UIAlertView. You can also setup your own custom views and display them with a blurry background. The goal is to truly draw the user's focus directly to your alert using natural effects. Supported for all iOS devices and orientations.

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KNSemiModalView screenshot


UIViewController+KNSemiModal is an effort to make a replica of semi-modal view plus with pushed-back stacked animation found in the beautiful "Park Guides by National Geographic" app. This library (ARC) is designed as a Category to UIViewController so you don't have to subclass and you can simply drop in any project and it will just work!

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