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🚀 iOS Debugging Tool screenshot

🚀 iOS Debugging Tool

🚀 iOS Debugging Tool

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AANetworking screenshot


AANetworking wraps power of Alamofire and Moya into simple Codeable format

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Juggernaut screenshot


Download manager Running in the background Loading multiple files You can cancel, pause, resume, reload

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Bagel screenshot


a little native network debugging tool for iOS

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Kingfisher screenshot


A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.

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Connectivity screenshot


Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access.

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MHNetwork screenshot


Say goodbye to the Fat ugly singleton Network Manager with this Network Layer

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WidgetKit screenshot


Lightweight iOS framework for creating codeless native apps.

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LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool screenshot

LLDebugTool - A convenient debugging tool

LLDebugTool is a debugging tool for developers and testers that can help you analyze and manipulate data in non-xcode situations.

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Wormholy screenshot


iOS network debugging, like a wizard 🧙‍♂️

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Twitter Network Layer screenshot

Twitter Network Layer

Twitter Network Layer is a scalable and feature rich network layer built on top of NSURLSession for Apple platforms

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RxRetroSwift screenshot


A Reactive way inspired by the simplicity of Retrofit when creating REST API Calls.

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Restofire screenshot


Restofire is a protocol oriented network abstraction layer in swift that is built on top of Alamofire to use services in a declartive way

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CocoaDebug screenshot


iOS Debugging Tool

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NetClient screenshot


Versatile HTTP networking library written in Swift 3.

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AZ-TableView screenshot


AZ TableView provide you with simple easy pagination and also dummy loading and error views.

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Queuer screenshot


Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD). Currently, with Queuer you can: • Create and use ConcurrentOperation for asynchronous operations • Create and use Queuer to handle a shared queue • Create and use custom queue • Create and use RequestOperation for network request operations • Create and use Semaphore for a Dispath semaphore • Create and use SynchronousOperation for synchronous operations

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Basic Feed-Forward Neural Network Visualization screenshot

Basic Feed-Forward Neural Network Visualization

A simple Feed-Forward Neural Network GUI written in Swift 3

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FBImageGallery screenshot


FBImageGallery is custom gallery which includes:- for single image. for multiple images in UICollection view. for custom text and controls in an image gallery.for multiple gestures

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Dratini screenshot


Dratini is a neat network abstraction layer. Dratini uses protocols to define network request, parameters and response, which makes your network layer more readable and testable.

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Merhaba screenshot


Bonjour networking for discovery and connection between iOS, macOS and tvOS devices.

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