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UILabelAttributedTextHelper screenshot


January 26, 2022 • Custom License
A quick helper for setting attributed texts to UILabel. Use it however you want
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August 24, 2019 • MIT License
Swifty NSAttributed String.
ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit screenshot

ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit

May 21, 2019 • MIT License
A declarative data-driven framework for rapid development of smooth UI.
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January 16, 2019 • MIT License
Declarative building and fast rendering attributed string library.
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October 18, 2018 • MIT License
An elegant way to deal with attributed string in swift.
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July 23, 2018 • MIT License
A UITextView subclass which detects and highlights words with incorrect spellings. The language is determined using the Device Language. Uses UISpellChecker and NSLinguistic Tagger. Written entirel...
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June 13, 2017 • MIT License
An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).
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January 02, 2017 • MIT License
A simple library for building attributed strings, for a more civilized age.
SwiftRichString screenshot


December 31, 2016 • MIT License
Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift
AttributedTextView screenshot


December 27, 2016 • MIT License
Easiest way to create an attributed UITextView with support for multiple links.
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September 05, 2016 • MIT License
Beautiful, easy attributed strings for iOS
Typeset screenshot


June 27, 2016 • MIT License
Deal with AttributedString efficiently.
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May 11, 2016 • MIT License
UIButton inheritance with @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable force.
LTTextView screenshot


June 12, 2015 • MIT License
Control to create text with interactive substrings. With ability customize it with NSAttributedString attributes.
EMString screenshot


February 16, 2015 • MIT License
EMString for Easy Markup String. A simple category on top of NSString using HTML's markup system to abstract the NSAttributedString API. @"<strong>Apply style with style</strong>".attributedString ;)
GONMarkupParser screenshot


January 05, 2015 • MIT License
Easily build NSAttributedString from XML/HTML like strings for iOS.
WPAttributedMarkup screenshot


November 01, 2014 • MIT License
WPAttributedMarkup is a simple utility category that can be used to easily create an attributed string from text with markup tags and a style dictionary.
ASAttributedLabelNode screenshot


September 05, 2014 • MIT License
Draw NSAttributedString in SpriteKit
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November 18, 2013 • MIT License
MDHTMLLabel is a lightweight, easy to use class for rendering text containing HTML tags on iOS 6.0+. It behaves almost exactly the same as UILabel and allows you to fully customize its appearence w...
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May 16, 2013 • MIT License
A simple, extensible markup language for styling NSAttributedStrings. The language is similar in appearance to HTML, however the meaning of each tag is user-defined