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AttributedString.swift screenshot


Swifty NSAttributed String.

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ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit screenshot

ALLKit - Async List Layout Kit

A declarative data-driven framework for rapid development of smooth UI.

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StyledTextKit screenshot


Declarative building and fast rendering attributed string library.

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CuteAttribute screenshot


An elegant way to deal with attributed string in swift.

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SpellCheckerTextView screenshot


A UITextView subclass which detects and highlights words with incorrect spellings. The language is determined using the Device Language. Uses UISpellChecker and NSLinguistic Tagger. Written entirely in Swift 4.1.

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Cupcake screenshot


An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).

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veneer screenshot


A simple library for building attributed strings, for a more civilized age.

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SwiftRichString screenshot


Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift

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AttributedTextView screenshot


Easiest way to create an attributed UITextView with support for multiple links.

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BonMot screenshot


Beautiful, easy attributed strings for iOS

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Typeset screenshot


Deal with AttributedString efficiently.

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AwesomeButton screenshot


UIButton inheritance with @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable force.

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LTTextView screenshot


Control to create text with interactive substrings. With ability customize it with NSAttributedString attributes.

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EMString screenshot


EMString for Easy Markup String. A simple category on top of NSString using HTML's markup system to abstract the NSAttributedString API. @"<strong>Apply style with style</strong>".attributedString ;)

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GONMarkupParser screenshot


Easily build NSAttributedString from XML/HTML like strings for iOS.

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WPAttributedMarkup screenshot


WPAttributedMarkup is a simple utility category that can be used to easily create an attributed string from text with markup tags and a style dictionary.

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ASAttributedLabelNode screenshot


Draw NSAttributedString in SpriteKit

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MDHTMLLabel screenshot


MDHTMLLabel is a lightweight, easy to use class for rendering text containing HTML tags on iOS 6.0+. It behaves almost exactly the same as UILabel and allows you to fully customize its appearence with added features thanks to CoreText. It also lets you handle when a user taps or holds down a link in the label unlike many similar libraries. It provides: - Link interaction - Auto-detection of URLs not wrapped in anchor tags - Bold and italic text styles - Color and stroke styles - Indentation, kerning and line spacing settings - Text shadow styles

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Slash screenshot


A simple, extensible markup language for styling NSAttributedStrings. The language is similar in appearance to HTML, however the meaning of each tag is user-defined

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DAAttributedStringUtils screenshot


Utilities for working with NSAttributedStrings, including: * A method of creating NSAttributedString instances easily using printf-like formatting codes embedded in NSString instances. Formatting codes allow you to specify font family, font style (normal or italics), font weight (light, normal, bold, extra bold, etc), text color, and text background color. * A simple UI label class for displaying NSAttributedStrings, with support for click-able fields within a string. * A general purpose font manipulation library (mainly for use by the NSAttributedString formatting code)

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UICoreTextView screenshot


Easy to use UIView which supports rendering using CoreText

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