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Preferences screenshot


Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes. The panes can be made with either SwiftUI, Storyboard, or NSView.

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CircularProgress screenshot


Circular progress indicator for your macOS app.

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OGCircularBar screenshot


Circular progress bar for macOS

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FNReactionsView screenshot


FNReactionsView is a customizable control (based on UIView) to give people a way to show floating emoji like facebook does during live stream, easy way.

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PIPContainer screenshot


An easy to use interface for picture-in-picture on macOS 10.12 and later

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KSNavigationController screenshot


Looking for macOS (Mac OS X) analog of UIKit's UINavigationController from iOS? This class mimics its behavior.

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LXPageViewWithButtonsViewController screenshot


combines UIPageViewController and highly customisable page selection tabs. Tab buttons can be positioned freely.

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CustomSegue screenshot


Custom segue for OSX Storyboards with slide and cross fade effects using NSViewControllerTransitionOptions

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CCNNavigationController screenshot


An Mac OS X Navigation Controller that acts mostly like the counter part on iOS - UINavigationController.

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INSNibLoading screenshot


A UIView/NSView category and a subclass for loading custom view from UINib (xib) files

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KSView screenshot


The missing NSView extension

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LGRadioButtonsView screenshot


iOS implementation of radio buttons

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LGPlusButtonsView screenshot


iOS implementation of Google 'plus button', that shows more options

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NSView-ESSViewCategory screenshot


a category on NSView that simplifies zoom-transitioning between two NSViews

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ESSSquareProgressIndicator screenshot


A rectangular (square), indeterminate progress indicator for iOS and OS X

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PureLayout screenshot


The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout — impressively simple, immensely powerful. PureLayout extends UIView/NSView, NSArray, and NSLayoutConstraint with a comprehensive Auto Layout API that is...

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PCProgressView screenshot


A simple rounded progress view for OS X which is customisable. - Background line colour - Background line width - Progress line colour - Progress line width - Animation duration and of co...

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CPKenburnsView screenshot


A drop-in Ken Burns effect for images.

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RMBlurredView screenshot


Get an iOS 7 like blurred effect on your NSView with ease. Easy drop-in solution, that uses CAFilters, so you don't have to worry about FPS or other performance issues. Follow @raffael_me for si...

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LJSelectionView screenshot


An NSView subclass and controller that support the selection of subviews. A common pattern in desktop Cocoa apps is to have a parent NSView manage a collection of NSView siblings. An example w...

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ITNavigationView screenshot


An iOS-like navigation view driven by Core Animation. It can replace its subview with a slick animation.

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MRSubtleButton screenshot


A subtle gradient button derived from NSView.

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ITSidebar screenshot


**depends on a deprecated class: NSMatrix** `ITSidebar` is a very lightweight control for Mac OS X similar to the one of Sparrow.

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RMSkinnedView screenshot


RMSkinnedView is a subclass of NSView which provides the ability to define background pattern image or background color and corner radius directly in the Interface Builder. It this is a great wa...

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CNBaseView screenshot


CNBaseView is a subclass of NSView that can show an icon and/or a text message if it has no subviews. Both, the icon and the message text are optional. If you keep it empty CNBaseView acts as a nor...

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