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Popover screenshot


Fully customisable Mac OS NSPopover drop-in replacement for status bar apps

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TRexAboutWindowController screenshot


A swift clone of PFAboutWindow to add a Xcode 6 like About Window to your OSX Applications.

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GRStatusBar screenshot


Safari-like status bar for macOS apps

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BSMultipleDocumentsWindowController screenshot


Window with tabs and multiple NSDocument instances

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TTWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that allows you to set a custom tint color for the titlebar

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GRVibrantTitlebarWindow screenshot


NSWindow with vibrant titlebar

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GRCustomizableWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass with support to custom titlebar height, background color and title color

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KFToolbar screenshot


An easy to setup and use toolbar that can contain KFToolbarItems (what is actually a wrapper for NSButtons).

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GRProKit screenshot


AppKit "replacement" to replicate the Pro App look

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FOTWindow screenshot


A NSWindow subclass that makes auto hiding and showing the title bar (à la QuickTime X) a lot easier, and allows for a custom title bar drawing block.

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JNWAnimatableWindow screenshot


Custom NSWindow animations use a CALayer.

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OBMenuBarWindow screenshot


OBMenuBarWindow is an NSWindow subclass that can be attached to an icon the menu bar or dragged away to become a regular window.

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JCSSheetController screenshot


A Cocoa controller class for Sheets that replaces the completion callback method with an inline block.

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INPopoverController screenshot


A customizable popover controller for Mac OS X 10.5+. INPopoverController makes the task of presenting popovers in your Mac OS X applications simple. The appearance and behaviour of the popover is completely flexible.

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INAppStoreWindow screenshot


INAppStoreWindow is an NSWindow subclass that mimics the appearance of the main window in the Mac App Store application, with an enlarged titlebar and centered traffic lights.

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