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PhoneNumberKit screenshot


A Swift framework for parsing, formatting and validating international phone numbers. Inspired by Google's libphonenumber.

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SlidingNumberView screenshot


SlidingNumberView enables numbers to change like the hand tally counter (most relevant example). It changes from a starting number to a final number with sliding animation. Currently, it supports numbers up to 11 Digits

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FormattedTextField screenshot


UITextField subclass that supports text formatting

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MCKPinController screenshot


A fully configurable controller for validating a pin number.

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RouletteWheel screenshot


A roulette wheel library come up with the following features :- 1) Its have a attractive design like a casino roulette wheel. 2) User have choose one number from the roulette wheel. 3) This is a playing libraries where user guess one number and enter that number into a particular provided field and start rotate the wheel after that ball stops moving correspond to one number. and if the guess number is correct then the user wins or lose. 4) I will provide you more features and enhancements in the next release

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SwiftyCodeView screenshot


A customizable UI Component for verification codes written in swift

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SwiftyAlgebra screenshot


Algebra implemented in Swift

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CTKFlagPhoneNumber screenshot


A formatted phone number UITextField with country flag picker.

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DBNumberedSlider screenshot


IB_Designable UISlider with value label inside thumb.

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StringFormatter screenshot


Simple Text Formetter (Credit Card Number, Phone Number etc.)

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NumericAnimatedLabel screenshot


Animate numeric value while setting new value to label

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KBNumberPad screenshot


Customizable number pad as replacement of default.

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PinCodeTextField screenshot


Simple pin code text field, based on UIView and UIKeyInput protocol. Lightweight, flexible and easy to customize implementation of PIN code input field. Supports different keyboard types, allowed characters sets, secure text input.

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Realtime Currency Formatter screenshot

Realtime Currency Formatter

An extremely simple class for formatting currencies. It has a static method ready to work with the `UITextFieldDelegate` formatting currencies while typing.

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LNInterpolation screenshot


An interpolation framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, with provided interpolation implementation for numbers, CG values, UIKit and AppKit values and colors.

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PANumberKeyboard screenshot


Customizable Decimal Number Keyboard based on keyboard ios extension

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ATScrollingNumbers screenshot


Scrolling number control with circular progress.

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MACustomKeyboard-iOS screenshot


A Simple custom Numeric Keyboard written in Objective C. You can handle it either blocks or delegate.

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NumPad screenshot


Number Pad (inspired by Square's design)

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MMNumberKeyboard screenshot


A simple keyboard to use with numbers and, optionally, a decimal point.

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iOS-Build-Number-Overlay screenshot


Overlay version and build numbers in your release builds

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