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SMCounterLabel screenshot


A label that animates numeric label change with stock-like scroll animation.

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KSNumericTextField screenshot


KSNumericTextField is a simple to use text field that only accept numeric value. You can also specify the maximum number of integer digits and faction digits using storyboard or code.

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NumericAnimatedLabel screenshot


Animate numeric value while setting new value to label

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SLPickerView screenshot


This component easily creates the entire interface and interaction of a UIPickerView in iOS applications.

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ElValidator screenshot


A simple plugin to help you validate textfield entries

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MACustomKeyboard-iOS screenshot


A Simple custom Numeric Keyboard written in Objective C. You can handle it either blocks or delegate.

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SKInputClass screenshot


SKInputClass provides simplest way to add 'Done' button or any symbol when using numeric keyboard Developer just need to change class of UITextfield to SKDigitField and that set :)

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AKNumericFormatter screenshot


Formatter for numerical fields and UITextField category to use it easily while editing.

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CurrencyNumericTextField screenshot


Provides a currency symbol-equipped text field.

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REFormattedNumberField screenshot


UITextField subclass that allows number input in a predefined format.

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FPNumberPadView screenshot


A simple but highly customisable numeric keyboard for iPhone. Uses ARC. Currently does not support rotation, you are welcome to implement it. Includes some input checks to allow only 2 decimal digits, but you can easily change those checks to allow whatever input suits your app.

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CHDigitInput screenshot


A UIPickerView alternative for entering integer values.

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TextStepperField screenshot


Stepper control with numeric textfield. Supports resizing and adapts to the shape of the screen. It is based on control stepperTest

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