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PRGTipView screenshot


PRGTipView is a drop-in solution for adding onboarding tips to your apps.

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DTOverlayController screenshot


A customizable overlay view controller container, inspired by Facebook lay over controller.

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ADOverlayContainer screenshot


iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces

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Voice Overlay  screenshot

Voice Overlay

🗣 An overlay that gets your user’s voice permission and input as text in a customizable UI

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PanGesture-CATransform screenshot


Tinderstyle PanGesture based UIBezierPath and CATransform Animation

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KImageEdit screenshot


You can do drawing on image and can add text overlay on image. The robust Text Feature provides all necessary functions for quickly adding text to any picture or creative. And You can draw anything...

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AVPlayerOverlay screenshot


AVPlayer with custom controls, full screen mode, subtitles (.srt), Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay features.

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KJOverlayTutorial screenshot


A Tutorial for iOS

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AABlurAlertController screenshot


Beautiful configurable Alert View with blurred background developed in Swift

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AGPullView screenshot


A view, that can be used for showing your content above some other view by pulling it with touch. (ex. UITableView with your content above UIMapView)

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Swift Popup Dialog screenshot

Swift Popup Dialog

Popup Dialog is a simple alert view, easy to use just like UIAlertController. Additionally Popup Dialog features a lot of customization options to make it meet your needs.

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SwiflyOverlay screenshot


Yet another full screen navigation component, this time written in swift.

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UXMVolumeOverlay screenshot


A drop in replacement for the iOS volume overlay; Inspired by Instagram

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ABOverlayWindow. screenshot


An overlay window for easily testing your grid layout.

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BIZColorOverlay screenshot


BIZColorOverlay is a Category that adds capabilities of changing color to UIImage.

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SwiftyWalkthrough screenshot


The easiest way to create a great walkthrough experience in your apps, powered by Swift.

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iOS-Build-Number-Overlay screenshot


Overlay version and build numbers in your release builds

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IoGViewOverlay screenshot


The class gives developers the ability to add “tabs”, not to be confused with CoCoa Touch native tab bar tabs, to a view. These tabs, when selected, slide over the current view, almost entirely cov...

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JMModalOverlay screenshot


Create easily and display an animated modal overlay with custom content above a window

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DBMapSelectorViewController screenshot


This component allows you to select circular map region from the MKMapView.

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YRActivityIndicator screenshot


Highly customizable and easy to use loading activity.

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CLOverlayKit screenshot


This is an iOS class that elegantly presents Overlay Menus and other contextual UI overlays.

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TAOverlay screenshot


TAOverlay is a minimalistic and simple overlay meant to display useful information to the user.

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IQLabelView screenshot


IQLabelView is used to add text overlay and resize and rotate it with single finger. pod 'IQLabelView', '~> 0.1'

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KVNProgress screenshot


KVNProgress is a fully customizable progress HUD that can be full screen or not. - Fully customizable - Full screen HUD option - Custom status text (or none) - Animated status tex...

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