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Stories screenshot


It is similar like Instagram Stories, to show video or photo directly of the users account. This is the Objective C implementation of

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Chausie screenshot


Chausie provides a customizable view containers that manages navigation between pages of content.

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PageMaster screenshot


PageMaster is a wrapper class for easier use of UIPageViewController.

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SimplePagedView screenshot


A PageViewController replacement built to be as simple as possible

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TabBarPageController screenshot


A container view controller for iOS that manages navigation between pages of content using a tab bar.

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Parchment screenshot


A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu. Built on UICollectionView, with support for custom layouts and infinite data sources.

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ZoomableImageSlider screenshot


ZoomableImageSlider is a simple iOS library for showing images from internet in form of slider. It has following features- Images are zoomable by double tap and by panning the finger as well. Images are loaded from url (from internet). Shows the image index as well. Close the carousel by simply swiping down

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GLViewPagerViewController-Swift screenshot


GLViewPagerViewController for swift

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Tabman screenshot


A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar for iOS.

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Pageboy screenshot


A simple, highly informative page view controller.

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CCPageViewController screenshot


A simple Page Menu View Controller, Easy to customize, UITableView-like API.

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LXPageViewWithButtonsViewController screenshot


combines UIPageViewController and highly customisable page selection tabs. Tab buttons can be positioned freely.

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TabPageViewController screenshot


Paging view controller and scroll tab view.

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LTPageViewController screenshot


Library to create a PageViewController with segmented control very easy

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MSSTabbedPageViewController screenshot


A custom container UIViewController that provides a simple to implement page view controller with scrolling tab bar.

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SMSwipeableTabView screenshot


Swipeable Views with Tabs (Like Android SwipeView With Tabs Layout)

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EZSwipeController screenshot


UIPageViewController like Snapchat/Tinder/iOS Main Pages

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MMGooglePlayNewsStand screenshot


To Simulate iOS Google Play NewsStand app

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SCPageViewController screenshot


SCPageViewController is a container controller which allows you to paginate other view controllers and build custom transitions.

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ADCustomPageControl screenshot


* Android style page control * Swipable tab bar * Clickable tab to move to spefic page * Current page indicator with fade effect on non current title * Easy to modify code * Lazy loading for smoother performance ( Provide view controller instances only when moved to that page ) * Easy to setup color theme * This UI control can be used on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running iOS 6.0 and above.

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MBXPageViewController screenshot


A library that allows to have a UIPageController with control buttons (One per VC / Left-Right Buttons) or an UISegmentController. This is not a difficult task, but the intention of this library is to make it extremely easy, clean and fast. We resemble the use of a UITableView in a UIViewController. Animated Gifs:

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