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PullUpController screenshot


Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps

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Aiolos screenshot


A floating panel for your iOS Apps

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FloatingPanel screenshot


A easy-to-use bottom sheet UI like Apple Maps, Stocks and Shortcuts for iOS

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Panels screenshot


It takes care of the safe area in new devices and moving your panel when the keyboard is presented/dismissed.

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GLInputPanel screenshot


GLInputPanel is an common control, it usally use in use upload pic , comment article , upload video and so on.

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FAPanels screenshot


FAPanels - Swift (Side menus with multiple transitions/animations)

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CTSlidingUpPanel screenshot


Transforms any view to sliding up panel

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LOpenPanelWithFilter screenshot


This open panel with filter. You can use this Panel set filter easily, when your app support too many types of files.

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SidePanel screenshot


Google styled side panel for iOS written in Swift

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SlidingPanel screenshot


SVSlidingPanel is a UIViewController container designed for presenting a center panel with revealable side panels - one to the left and one to the right. It supports iOS 7 or later.

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PanelController screenshot


Controller component to add panels on both side of the screen.

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JKNotificationPanel screenshot


JKNotificationPanel lets you create a simple notification panel that display on the top of the view/navigation or below.

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ITRAirSideMenu screenshot


Air sidemenu drawer navigation

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ARSlidingPanel screenshot


ARSlidingPanel is an iOS framework that allows to use 'Google Play Music-like' sliding-up panel in your application.

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SlideMenu3D screenshot


A small class for lateral menu with 3D effect, support tap gesture when el menu is open and tap gesture all time, support device orientation.

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SliderPanel screenshot


Slidable panel that can be added to the left or right side. The panel acts as an overlay, over the main screen.

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AirbnbViewController screenshot


Airbnb 4.7's three-dimensional slide menu. Unfortunately, this menu was obsoleted in Airbnb 5.0. Airbnb version 4.7's three-dimensional slide menu in Swift. Unfortunately, the menu was obsoleted in Airbnb version 5.0. In order not to forget the legend menu, I developed it in Swift. Inspired by

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TRMultipanelViewController screenshot


iOS panel view controller with left and right side panels. You can customize left, right and center views.

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RSPenrose screenshot


Original iOS menu using a penrose triangle

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PZSideMenuViewController screenshot


Easy to integrate 2D sliding panel

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MSSlidingPanelController screenshot


The MSSlidingPanelController is a library which allows to easily integrate in your iOS 7 project a sliding panel mechanism. It is able to manage two panels which can be configured separatly. Either for the left and right panel, it is possible to set the width, the status bar color, the status bar color transition, the opening and closing gestures and the interactions with the center view. Furthermore, the controller is now fully compatible with Storyboard. For more information, consult the README file! By the way, two examples are available to help you!

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