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PHOTPView screenshot


Fully Customized pin code(OTP) verification view without storyboard.

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KPassCode screenshot


A simple StackView to be used for Passcode or OTP fields. Completely customisable with separate classes and very easy to use. Just Drag and drop with 2 lines of code.

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MCKPinController screenshot


A fully configurable controller for validating a pin number.

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Passcode Lock screenshot

Passcode Lock

An iOS passcode lock library for inputting passcode and one time passwords with customization properties.

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AppLocker screenshot


AppLocker - simple lock screen for iOS Application

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SVPinView screenshot


SVPinView is a light-weight customisable library used for accepting pin numbers or one-time passwords. Drop-in UIView, customisable from storyboard.

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BDPassCodeView screenshot


BDPassCodeView is a custom pin lock for ios written in objective c. It supports 4 and 6 digit lock screen. And also support otp enter feature.

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TOPasscodeViewController screenshot


A modal passcode input and validation view controller for iOS

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SplashWindow screenshot


An UIWindow-based TouchID authentication controll

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VPMOTPView screenshot


VPMOTPView is a helper class for displaying OTP (One Time Password) entering view in iOS

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DMPasscode screenshot


Passcode screen with Touch ID support

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VENTouchLock screenshot


A Touch ID and Passcode framework used in the Venmo app.

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DKCircleButton screenshot


Flat circle button with sonar tap animation similar to iOS dial / passcode. pod 'DKCircleButton'

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BKPasscodeView screenshot


iOS7 style passcode view - supports set password, change password and authenticate password. - customizable lock policy for too many failure attempts.

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THPinViewController screenshot


iOS 7 style PIN screen for iPhone and iPad that can be displayed modally whenever the user needs to authenticate, e.g. when accessing a specially protected part of your app. Features -------- * Has iPhone portrait and iPad portrait and landscape layouts * Supports variable PIN lengths * Buttons can show numbers and letters or only numbers * Background and tint colors as well as text and color of the prompt can be customized * Supports solid color and translucent/blurred background

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LTHPasscodeViewController screenshot


iOS 7 style Passcode. Nothing much to add, it replicates the default Passcode exactly. Not the Lockscreen one, but the one you get in Settings, when changing the code or accessing the Restrictions. When displayed as a 'lockscreen', on app launch for example, it will be displayed full screen, instead of inside a modal, but it keeps the same design.

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BZPasscodeViewController screenshot


Passcode view controller for iOS.

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PAPasscode screenshot


PAPasscode is a standalone view controller for iOS to allow a user to set, enter or change a passcode. It's designed to mimic the behaviour in while still allowing some customization. It includes a sample project which shows how it appears on iPhone and iPad devices.

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KKPasscodeLock screenshot


KKPasscodeLock is an iOS toolkit for adding a passcode view controller and passcode settings in ios apps.

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KVPasscodeViewController screenshot


A view controller that lets you enter 4 digit pass codes. It supports animations for invalid entries and to confirm entries.

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JSLockScreen screenshot


JSLockScreen is an iOS UI component that replicates iOS's lock screen functionality. It aims to be as close to the original lock screen UI as possible and be easy to use in almost any situation where a lock screen may be required. It is a view controller with delegate based call backs. Implement the delegate methods, create an instance of the lock screen controller and tell it to show in a particular window and the rest is handled for you.

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