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TBPerformanceView screenshot


A collection of tools for iOS device performance persistence to detect and evaluate component development performance, device processes

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SSCTaglistView screenshot


Customizable iOS tag list view, in Swift.

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GDPerformanceView screenshot


Shows FPS, CPU usage, app and iOS versions above the status bar.

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SwiftyGif screenshot


High performance GIF engine

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DGDrawingLabel screenshot


Custom label which allows to pre-calculate text layout. It can be used in table views and collection views to achieve high-performance scroll when cell heights are different and depend on text size.

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WCFastCell screenshot


A drop-in replacement for UITableViewCell and UICollectionViewCell which draws contents using CoreGraphics. Seamless integration with nibs provided.

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RRFPSBar screenshot


Show the app's frame per second in the status bar on iOS. I hate lagging apps and do my best to keep FPS high on @YPlan. Sometimes it's very hard to say if lag is visual or real and Instruments ...

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