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🔮 An ultimate tool for system permissions management

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API to ask for permissions on Swift. Available list, dialog & native.

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SPPermission screenshot


Simple request permission with native UI and interactive animation

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The convenience wrapper on macOS permissions API, including Mojave Full Disk Access.

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simple permission request with beautiful UI

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AREK - Permissions manager screenshot

AREK - Permissions manager

AREK is an easy to use wrapper over any kind of iOS permission. It's a swift 3 project that support almost all permissions on iOS.

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PAPermissions is a fully customizable and ready-to-run library to handle permissions through a ViewController

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MRLocalNotificationFacade screenshot


Interface for creating, scheduling and handling local notifications in iOS.

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A unified way for iOS apps to request user permissions. This framework provides a unified way of asking for user permissions on iOS. It also provides UI to explain the permission requirements b...

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