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Ubaguruma screenshot


Ubaguruma is a photo select picker like LINE.

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GLInputPanel screenshot


GLInputPanel is an common control, it usally use in use upload pic , comment article , upload video and so on.

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GLAssetGridViewController screenshot


GLAssetGridViewController is an asset view controller, like an picture picker and video picker , also has an browser .

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TLPhotoPicker screenshot


📷 multiple phassets picker for iOS lib. like a facebook

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MBPhotoPicker screenshot


Easy and quick in implementation Photo Picker, based on Slack's picker.

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InstagramPhotoPicker screenshot


Present Image Picker like Instagram.

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AQPhotoPicker screenshot


It's a cool Photo Picker app for iOS (tested on iPhone, not on iPad yet), and quite easy to use. With this control, you can capture photos from iPhone camera or select photos from album by implementing only one callback method

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AssetPicker screenshot


AssetPicker is a UIViewController subclass that provides an alternative solution to UIImagePickerController.

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DZNPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo search/picker for iOS 7 similar to UIImagePickerControl, using popular providers like 500px, Flickr and many others.

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CZPhotoPickerController screenshot


A photo picker offering 'use last photo taken', 'take photo', and 'choose from library'.

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