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VennPieChart screenshot


After searching a lot on internet finally we ended up making a new kind of pie chart(Venn Pie Chart). Courtesy: Pankaj Kumhar ([email protected]) Nilaakash Singh ([email protected])

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AMChart screenshot


It can display chart.

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VKProgressPie screenshot


This project is a plug and play - Customisable Live Rendering Radial Progress Indicator. All written in Swift4 latest syntax. Based on CoreAnimation framework. One can use either Storyboard or cod...

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RKPieChart screenshot


RKPieChart is super easy pie chart view written in Swift 3.

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AAChartKit-Slim screenshot


Features: 1. Support iOS 6, ARC & Objective C. 2. Powerful,support the column chart, bar chart, line chart, spline chart, pie chart, polar chart, radar chart and other graphics. 3. Interactive...

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KATCircularProgressChart screenshot


Custom Circular Progress Chart library for iOS applications.

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CSPieChart screenshot


This is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. and you can customize component color, line color, length and subviews(this is appeared to data)

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PieCharts screenshot


Easy to use and highly customizable pie charts library for iOS - Customizable slices - Add overlays using simple UIViews - Interactive - Animated - Dynamic slice insertion - Reusable compon...

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LineAndPieChartDemo screenshot


Use Bezier Paths to draw a simple Pie chart and Line Chart

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WYChart screenshot


A simple and elegant Chart library with rich animations.Include line, pie and radar chart.

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ios-charts screenshot


An iOS port of the beautiful MPAndroidChart. - Beautiful charts for iOS apps!

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PieChartComponent screenshot


Pie chart component for iOS with infinite scroll

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PIAPIEnvironmentManager screenshot


A simple manager for handling the various API Environments in your project.

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ADCircularMenu screenshot


Circular style menu * Smooth animations * Tapping non button area closes menu * Tap on Corner button again to close menu * Generic & small code * Easy to modify as per requirements ...

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MDRotatingPieChart screenshot


An iOS library to draw beautiful pie charts (and it rotates !) Demo Youtube :

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PieChart screenshot


Simple Pie Chart made in Swift

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XYDoughnutChart screenshot


Doughnut chart library for iOS

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SliceButton screenshot


SliceButton is a button that is shaped like a pizza with slices. It supports user-input and responds to any touches with information about which 'slice' was touched.

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MTZRadialMenu screenshot


A radial menu for iOS, like the one introduced in Messages for iOS 8.

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VBPieChart screenshot


Pie Chart iOS control with different animations to present.

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TWRCharts screenshot


An iOS wrapper for ChartJS. Easily build animated charts by leveraging the power of native Obj-C code.

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ChartView screenshot


DChartView is a customized line chart for any representation, it's built with CoreGraphics so no need to worry about load on you application.

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Pie Chart screenshot

Pie Chart

Simeple pie chart on Mac OS X

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GraphKit screenshot


A lightweight library of animated charts for iOS. Super easy to customize individual bar/line color, animation durations and more. Demo: pod try GraphKit

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SHPieChartView screenshot


a reusable UIView subclass to create Pie Charts.

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