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PHOTPView screenshot


Fully Customized pin code(OTP) verification view without storyboard.

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SPPinView screenshot


SPPinView extensively uses for pin view or passcode view or OTP view.

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JAPinView screenshot


Repository provides the swift source for JAPinView, which is used to handle UI component of OTP or pin view.

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SVPinView screenshot


SVPinView is a light-weight customisable library used for accepting pin numbers or one-time passwords. Drop-in UIView, customisable from storyboard.

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FRPinView screenshot


PinView extends from UIView to provide PIN input. With this is libraries you can extend your UIView and change it into a PIN input. Just change your UIView Class in Storyboard or Nib to FRPinView.

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SCPinViewController screenshot


Super customization Pin controller.

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THPinViewController screenshot


iOS 7 style PIN screen for iPhone and iPad that can be displayed modally whenever the user needs to authenticate, e.g. when accessing a specially protected part of your app. Features -------- * Has iPhone portrait and iPad portrait and landscape layouts * Supports variable PIN lengths * Buttons can show numbers and letters or only numbers * Background and tint colors as well as text and color of the prompt can be customized * Supports solid color and translucent/blurred background

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PINView screenshot


This project gives you a drop-in PIN code entry screen that looks like the entry screen seen in

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