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Pixel screenshot


A image editor and engine using CoreImage

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Pixels screenshot


Simplifying work with colors in Swift

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ClosePixelate screenshot


This simple library allows you to easily create and combine various pixelation effects.

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IQScreenRuler screenshot


As an iOS developer, I always feel the lack of simple app to check position of objects/elements in any picture or screenshot. Now it's very easy to find position and size of any UI element, specifi...

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PixelPerfect screenshot


Compare mockup design with your interface on iOS. You can inspect an implemented user interface. Setup your mockup images with corresponding view controllers in AppDelegate. You can see the diff of...

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CRPixellatedView screenshot


Custom UIView subclass with a cool pixellated animation inspired by Facebook's Slingshot app.

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FunctionalReactivePixels screenshot


A demonstration of how to use FRP with ReactiveCocoa in an iOS context using the 500px API.

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KGPixelBoundsClip screenshot


NSImage and UIImage category that provides methods to find the pixel bounds of an image and create a new image clipped to those bounds.

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