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Defaults screenshot


Strongly-typed UserDefaults with Codable support, key observation, and SwiftUI support.

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LNPropertyListEditor screenshot


A property list editor for macOS, similar to Xcode's.

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Giotto screenshot


Theme manager for your app: apply styles to anything you want through a plist file

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KPDropMenu screenshot


KPDropMenu is an Objective-C port of HADropDown With Additional features

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SwiftyConfiguration screenshot


Modern Swift API for Plist.

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ResourceInstantiatable screenshot


iOS resources management framework in Swift2

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XDPopupListView screenshot


An iOS pop-up listview, like Spinner in Android. You can use it to create Android-like controls, such as Spinner or AutoCompleteTextView, for your iOS project. It's under MIT license, so help yours...

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PlistModel screenshot


A simple and easy way to interact with Plists as objects with properties populated at runtime and smart saving.

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LPPopupListView is custom popup component for iOS with table for single or multiple selection.

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DropDownMultipleSelection screenshot


Single or multiple selection in drop down list.

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PListTableViewController screenshot


Subclass of UITableViewController to show items of not only NSArray but also NSDictionary.

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NRSimplePlist [Swift + Obj-C] screenshot

NRSimplePlist [Swift + Obj-C]

Easy library to fetch and edit data from and to plists on the fly (Xcode) NOW WITH THE SWIFT VERSION! Very useful to store every persistent system data like UI colors, arrays, system music, p...

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LeveyPopListView screenshot


LeveyPopListView is an alternative to UIActionSheet that presents a list of selectable options to the user, and allows for including images.

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MDAboutController screenshot


A complete About UIViewController package for iOS apps. It automatically fetches info from your Info.plist, and also populates credits from Credits.plist.

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