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KPPopUpView screenshot


A highly customisable popup dialog controller.

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VKPopupView screenshot


Lightweight and easy to use blurred popup view written in Swift. You will find it very similar to your iOS folders at Springboard (Home screen).

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CAPopUpViewController screenshot


simple pop up menu with a lot of customizations options.

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PopupViewController screenshot


UIViewController drop in replacement with much more customisation

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PopupController screenshot


PopupController is a controller for showing temporary popup view.

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ZHPopupView screenshot


A simple iOS Pop up View to display alert or dialog

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BIZPopupView screenshot


BIZPopupView is a custom popup as ContentView of that can be used any content of UIViewController. Can be used as custom alert.

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MMPopupView screenshot


Pop-up based view(e.g. AlertView SheetView), can easily customize.

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STZPopupView screenshot


Customizable simple popup view in iOS

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ASProgressPopUpView screenshot


A progress view showing percentage complete in an easy to customize animated popup view. If you supply an array of UIColors, the popup view will animate the color change as the progress bar updates.

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AFPopupView screenshot


A simple to use and functional popup view for iOS, as seen in Wunderlist iOS app.

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KOPopupView screenshot


Popup UIView for iPhone/iPad in both orientations with nice effect.

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ADPopupView screenshot


ADPopupView is an iOS drop-in class that displays a popup at a custom point in your view. It automatically draws itself according to its current position and parent view bounds. ADPopupView p...

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MJPopupViewController screenshot


A UIViewController Category to display a ViewController as a popup with different transition effects.

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PopupView screenshot


PopupView for iOS, like UICalloutView.

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