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LNPreviewToContextMenu screenshot


LNPreviewToContextMenu is a framework for automatically transforming your existing 3D Touch Peek&Pop preview controllers and actions into the new UIContextMenu system in iOS 13.

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SCWebPreview screenshot


Preview content in website

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FileExplorer screenshot


FileExplorer is a powerful iOS file browser with the possiblity to choose and remove files and/or directories

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preview transition screenshot

preview transition

PreviewTransition is a simple preview gallery controller built by

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RHPreviewCell screenshot


💥Use long press on cell to trigger action💥 I envied so much Spotify iOS app this great playlist preview cell 😍, I decided to create my own ones 🌶. Now you can give your users ability to quick check...

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ImageSlideshow screenshot


Swift image slideshow with circular scrolling, timer and full screen viewer

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DBAttachmentPickerController screenshot


This powerful component allows to select different types of files from different sources on your device.

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FTImageViewer screenshot


Preview images with just a few lines of code.

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SwiftLinkPreview screenshot


It makes a preview from an url, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.

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STPopupPreview screenshot


An alternative peek preview for non 3D Touch devices. Inspired by Instagram.

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PeekView screenshot


PeekView supports peek, pop and preview actions for iOS devices without 3D Touch capability.

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3D Touch Support for the simulator screenshot

3D Touch Support for the simulator

3D Touch Peek/Pop support for the Simulator for debugging purposes.

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URLPreview screenshot


An NSURL extension for showing preview info of webpages

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3dTouch screenshot


Example of using View controller preview for 3d touch

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DoImagePickerController screenshot


An image picker controller with single selection and multiple selection. Support to select lots photos with panning gesture.

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UAAppReviewManager screenshot


UAAppReviewManager is a simple and lightweight App review prompting tool for iOS and Mac App Store apps. The average end-user will only write a review if something is wrong with your App. This l...

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Ask4AppReviews screenshot


Ask4AppReviews is [a fork of Appirater]( that you can drop into any iPhone app (iOS 5.0 or later) that will help remind your users to review yo...

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TTFullscreenPreviewActivity screenshot


TTFullscreenPreviewActivity is a UIActivity subclass that creates a fullscreen preview for a file using a QLPreviewcontroller.

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RBFilePreviewer screenshot


RBFilePreviewer is a wrapper around Apple's QLPreviewController. Ease of use is its primary design. It can be dropped into any project and used right away. Unlike QLPreviewController, RBFilePreview...

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