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iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate) screenshot

iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate)

an macOS app that use for iOS app resign, you can resign muti-file synchronization, and it support to export the file in app bundle, you can also replace the icon for ipa or app without jailbreak . now you can register new devices and creat the certificate and profile with this tool, in project , it used iOS-appStore-connect-api.

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TinderUserProfile screenshot


Tinder/Bumble like user image with user details scroll animation

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LetterAvatarKit screenshot


An extension that generates letter-based avatars

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Avatar screenshot


Generate random user Avatars for apps.

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TJProfileImage screenshot


Live rendering of componet’s properties in Interface Builder Features Dashed border Solid border Round corner Circle image

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Apsara screenshot


Use can add corner radius, make circle image profile, add border for UIView, TextField, UIImageView and UIButton on storyboard or by code.

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SwiftUserManager screenshot


A usermanager written in swift 3.0 saves you from hassle of saving your active user session. ** Call api and give the json to MOProfile to make a model and call UserManager.setCurrentUser(model) let profileFromServer = [ "firstName" : "Zeeshan", "userName" : "xeieshan", "lastName" : "Haider", "id" : 1, "email" : "[email protected]" ] as [String : Any] let profileModel : MOProfile = MOProfile(profileFromServer as Dictionary<String, AnyObject>) UserManager.setCurrentUser(newCurrentUser: profileModel) **Now you can use this** debugPrint((UserManager.currentUser?.firstName)! as String) **To logout simply call** UserManager.logOutUserAndClearToken() **If you want to see if your user is logged (for autologin)** if UserManager.currentUser != nil { // Take to App } else { // Take to Login }

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BubblePictures screenshot


Framework for iOS to show Bubble like pictures.

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PSProfileStepper screenshot


PSProfileStepper is custom implementation of stepper such as UISlider for show their step by its value 0,1,2.. and by change the color.

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AvatarImageView screenshot


AvatarImageView is a customisable subclass of UIImageView that is designed to show users' profile pictures. It falls back to the user's initials with a random background color if no profile picture is supplied.

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NSVBellonsMenu screenshot


Create Menu like flying bellons with animations and custom modification

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JFCardSelectionViewController screenshot


A fancy collection style view controller

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GmailStyleAnimation screenshot


This demonstrate the profile presentation and animation of image and user details into navigationbar

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KACircleCropViewController screenshot


An extremely simple circular crop view controller created entirely in Swift, similar in style to the crop controller that Line uses.

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JDSwiftAvatarProgress screenshot


Easy customizable round avatar, a derived UIImageView class, load asynchronously the image with optional border and progress bar animated.

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DPImageGenerator screenshot


It's an image generator for default image

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Former screenshot


Former is a fully customizable Swift2 library for easy creating UITableView based form.

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JDAvatarProgress screenshot


Easy customizable avatar image asynchronously with progress bar animated

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DropDownMenu screenshot


Animated drop down menu written in Objective-C

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ProvisioningInfo screenshot


OS X Utility to manage provisioning profiles

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YAProvisioningProfile screenshot


Helper class for easily exploring the contents of a .mobileprovisioningprofile

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