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JCGGProgressBar screenshot


A custom control that indicates progress. Fairly customizable too.

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arcProgressBar Swift screenshot

arcProgressBar Swift

Triple arc progress bars on Swift

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SSProgressBar screenshot


Customizable progressbar

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SummerSlider screenshot


🍭 SummerSlider that can distinguish the parts where the advertisement of the video player comes out.

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ButtonProgressBar-iOS screenshot


A small and flexible UIButton subclass with animated loading progress, and completion animation.

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LKAWaveCircleProgressBar screenshot


wave animated circle progress bar

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NavigationLoader screenshot


Simple Navigation Loader

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MGVerticalProgressBar screenshot


A custom Vertical Progress bar with lots of configuration option like Image and Color support via interface builder

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TCProgressBar screenshot


TCProgressBar is a simple and clean progress bar who takes advantage of @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable to make its integration easy.

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SegmentedProgressView screenshot


Simple Instagram-like segmented progress view with completion handler and different time interval for each segment

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MultipleTimers screenshot


Multiple Timers is a custom view for iOS that enables circular progress animation with respect to given duration. Multiple Timers supports following features - Progress animation in clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Get time elapsed since timer started or time left for the counter to complete. Provide Start and finish points for the animation. Pre-fill the progress up till a certain point. Resume the animation on the basis of duration elapsed from total duration. ...and much more.

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BRCircularProgressBar screenshot


It shows circular progress for multi purpose like download, upload and timer progress.

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SegmentedProgressBar screenshot


Snapchat / Instagram Stories like progress indicator

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AALoaders screenshot


AALoaders is a lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful progress view loaders framework, written in Swift. It uses simple native elements for progress loading with customisations and allow to use without creating instance.

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JKSteppedProgressBar screenshot


Stepped ProgressBar for iOS

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ProgressButton screenshot


Button which could perform functions of Progress Bar

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GTProgressBar screenshot


Customisable progress bar written in Swift 3

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LinearProgressBar screenshot


A simple progress bar for iOS

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MaterialControls screenshot


In 2014, Google published the Google Material Design with a goal to provide guidelines for good design and beautiful UI across all device form factors. For Android, developers can use default Android controls. For iOS, FPT Software built those controls to bring Google material design to iOS application. This is the most complete material design controls for iOS so far.

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Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar) screenshot

Circular Progress Bar (MBCircularProgressBar)

A circular animatable & IB highly customizable progress bar

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FMProgressBarView screenshot


Progress Bar with color changing background and text.

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