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Alertift screenshot


UIAlertController wrapper for Swift.

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MaterialTapTargetPrompt-iOS screenshot


A iOS version of Material Tap Target Prompt

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SubscriptionPrompt screenshot


SubscriptionViewController like the Tinder uses. The top part is made of a scrollable carousel.

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HotBoxNotification screenshot


Unobtrusive and customizable alerts for your iOS app

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TOActionSheet screenshot


A custom designed, built version of the UIActionSheet for iOS

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Swift-Prompts screenshot


A Swift library to design custom prompts with a great scope of options to choose from to customise their look and feel. This includes customising their background with any level of blurring and colour, and every aspect of the prompts including gesture control.

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MONPromptView screenshot


A custom simple prompt view. It consists only title and message labels, and a single dismiss button where the text color and font of the two labels and the button can be customized.

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ACETelPrompt screenshot


Helper to call a phone number from an iPhone using the `telprompt` scheme, which returns the user to your app after the call completes.

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