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ImpressiveNotifications screenshot


ImpressiveNotifications are custom in-app notifications with 3 types of layouts. The notifications will animate in and out. They will hide when they are clicked on or with an automatic dismissal. It is also available to add custom behavior when notification is tapped.

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SpeechRecognizerButton screenshot


UIButton subclass with push to talk recording, speech recognition and Siri-style waveform view.

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KZPushSegue screenshot


This is a custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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StackFlowView screenshot


Enforce stack behaviour for custom UI elements.

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RichNotifications screenshot


RichNotifications are a Fascinating feature in iOS 10. It has:- Push Rich notification. Use service extension(Notification Service extension) for default view and use Notification Content extension for make custom notification view. Make sure that notification payload contains: mutable-content = 1 in the aps dictionary. this contains all types of fun like Image, GIF, Audio, Video. Make sure that Image <= 10 MB, Audio <= 5 MB, Video <= 50 MB. . for silent notifications Make sure that notification payload contains: mutable-content = 1 in the aps dictionary. Also, Payload does n't contain Alert/Badge/Sound. Make Actionable Notifications by using Category. Local Notifications . Use UNMutableNotificationContent for make notification. . schedule notification using UNCalendarNotification trigger, UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger. . Make Actionable Notiifciations by using Category. P.S. - Make sure that Actionable Notification identifier should be identical. Put your bundle identifier and development team in General Tab. It also includes supports for multiple targets.

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AKGPushAnimator screenshot


Easily Push and Pop Viewcontroller like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Apps with Interaction

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ALButtonMenu screenshot


ALButtonMenu is a customizable menu solution for iOS. Create a menu view controller (or use the class provided) and specify the characteristics of the shortcut button. Then tap the button to quickly show and hide the menu using an animated mask transition effect.

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UITableViewPushAnimation screenshot


Push a UIViewController with a attractable animation from UITableView

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AREK - Permissions manager screenshot

AREK - Permissions manager

AREK is an easy to use wrapper over any kind of iOS permission. It's a swift 3 project that support almost all permissions on iOS.

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JNAPushPopCompletionBlock screenshot


Completion block for UINavigationController "push" and "pop" view controllers

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RNNotificationView screenshot


Emulates the native Notification Banner UI for any alert

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KSNavigationController screenshot


Looking for macOS (Mac OS X) analog of UIKit's UINavigationController from iOS? This class mimics its behavior.

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PushServicesLibrary screenshot


Push Services Library - • DEPRECTED NO WORK!!

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OctagonTransitioning screenshot


A simple project which demonstrate similar type 3d cube animation - octagon. Octagon transitioning navigation animation between controllers in UINavigationController

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PCRapidSelectionView screenshot


Interactive, beautiful & fast UIActionSheet replacement, supports continuous hold & select

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WAAppRouting screenshot


WAAppRouting is a library to help you dealing with routing on your app by handling controllers. The key point is that WAAppRouting handles a stack of controllers! After a simple configuration, calling for example "myappscheme://articles/3/comments/new" will allocate or reload, place every controller in the stack for you, automatically. WAAppRouting also supports block handling on path matching + wildcard URLs

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Sheriff screenshot


Badgify anything.

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UINavigationControllerGameFade screenshot


Fade transitions for UINavigationController such as push, pop, reset root view controller and replace one or multiple view controllers

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PathDynamicModal screenshot


A modal view using UIDynamicAnimator, like the Path for iOS.

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GRPushSegue screenshot


A custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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STNotificationHelper screenshot


ViewController to show the User how to turn on the Notifications on iOS7 and iOS8 and localized to many languages.

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