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WYPopoverController screenshot


Presentation of content in popover on iPhone / iPad devices. Very customizable.

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KBPopupBubble screenshot


Twitter-style popup bubbles with dynamic, animated pointer arrows.

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UIEffectDesignerView screenshot


A native Particle Systems effect view for iOS and OSX powered by QuartzCore. Apple provides Particle Systems Emitter via the CAEmitterLayer - you can have particle effects in your UIKit or AppKit apps, without using 3rd party emitters. Use the UIEffectDesigner ( to create a particle system file, then use the open source view control to display the particles on screen with just 2 lines of code! Check out the GitHub page for more information

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MDCShineEffect screenshot


Add a "shine" effect to any view, like in

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PercentageChart screenshot


Animated chart that shows a percentage value.

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KRFoldingViews screenshot


KRFoldingViews is a really simple animation library that creates a folding or unfolding animation effect on your views.

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