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RRApolloRxAPI screenshot


GraphQL (Apollo) API Request by RxSwift

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RRAlamofireRxAPI screenshot


Alamofire API Request by RxSwift

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SPPermissions screenshot


API to ask for permissions on Swift. Available list, dialog & native.

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Badonde screenshot


Badonde is a command line tool that combines Git, GitHub, and JIRA, offering as a solution for GitHub projects to define an automatic PR creation workflow.

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SPPermission screenshot


Simple request permission with native UI and interactive animation

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Queuer screenshot


Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD). Currently, with Queuer you can: • Create and use ConcurrentOperation for asynchronous operations • Create and use Queuer to handle a shared queue • Create and use custom queue • Create and use RequestOperation for network request operations • Create and use Semaphore for a Dispath semaphore • Create and use SynchronousOperation for synchronous operations

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NearBy screenshot


iOS app to find nearby places using MapKit

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RequestPermission screenshot


simple permission request with beautiful UI

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Dotzu screenshot


iOS app debugger while using the app. Crash report, logs, network.

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SuggestionsBox screenshot


SuggestionsBox helps you build better a product trough your user suggestions.

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LocationRequestManager screenshot


This library was created with the intention of simplify the use of CLLocationManager. LocationRequestManager is a wraper for CLLocationManager which handle a set of LocationRequest. For each request you can specify some parameters like timeout, distance filter, accuracy.

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STLocationRequest screenshot


An elegant and simple 3D Flyover Location Request Screen in Swift

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netfox screenshot


A lightweight, one line setup, iOS network debugging library!

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UIActivityLabel screenshot


Label with ActivityIndicator

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ADFBRequestDialogViewController screenshot


ADFBRequestDialogViewController - view controller wrapper for Facebook requests dialog. With it you can customize top elements and present dialog whatever you want with iOS UIViewController custom transition.

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SQPersist screenshot


Objective-C Persistence framework wrapper around SQLite : saves your data into SQLite database, without writes SQL requests.

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DBImageView screenshot


A simple object to load images asynchronously

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JPRequest screenshot


JPRequest is a simple Objective-C object to send and receive POST and GET data from a webservice

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IQURLConnection screenshot


A replacement of sendAsynchronousRequest of NSURLConnection with ResponseBlock, ProgressBlock & CompletionBlock

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RequestCacher screenshot


RequestCacher is a ready to use data caching module for iOS5+ RequestCacher automatically does the following, for you: * caches data fast * creates a local database to keep track of stored data * stores data on the local storage * refetches data, if necessary * self maintainable Practically a no brainer set-up (ex: image caching): * Add the files to your project * Use the custom UIImageView control * Give it an url or an array of them * Done Takes care of: * Cache file managing * Database managing * Expired data checking, which may need to be refetched * Automatically cleans data, if the cache size exceedes a specified size limit * Internet connectivity issues. * Multithreading * Managing multiple ongoing and unfinished requests. * GETing or POSTing data. * Async data downloading

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TCTweetComposeViewController screenshot


TCTweetComposeViewController is a drop in replacement for TWTweetComposeViewController. It provides similar functionality but is modelled after the email composition view, which is aesthetically simpler and more appealing.

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