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TextViewMaster screenshot


📱Easy custom placeholder and growing textView You can easily adjust the color, font, and position of the placeholder. The height of the textview automatically changes every time you increase or decrease the line in the textview.

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CropPickerView screenshot


Image Crop View

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CropPickerController screenshot


CropPickerController 👍

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OTResizableView screenshot


OTResizableView is a UIView library that can be resized with fingers.

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AVFonts screenshot


AVFonts is for doing anything you want to do with fonts throuhout app.You can swap/chang the font you are using with the new font throughout the app.You can increment or decrement your fontsize as per your reqiurements otherwise it will take the fontsize you are using for your old font.

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NSJFontResizingUITextView screenshot


The UITexfield can adjust its font size from a max value to a min value dynamicaly with its text. NSJFontResizingUITextView implements the same for UITexView.

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AutoKeyboard screenshot


Fully Automatic Keyboard handling. It updates constraints which are bounded with bottomLayoutGuide.

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NXDrawKit screenshot


NXDrawKit is a simple and easy but useful drawing kit for iPhone.

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AppResizer screenshot


AppResizer allows you to change the width of the main window, thereby checking if your app renders correctly on all devices.

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UIView-UpdateAutoLayoutConstraints screenshot


An easy way to create and update AutoLayout Constraints (Mainly to update Width and Height of UIView)

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IQLabelView screenshot


IQLabelView is used to add text overlay and resize and rotate it with single finger. pod 'IQLabelView', '~> 0.1'

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UIImageView_FaceAwareFill screenshot


This category applies Aspect Fill content mode to an image and if faces are detected it centers them instead of centring the image just by its geometrical center. INSTALLATION: FaceAwareFill is available through CocoaPods, to install it simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod "FaceAwareFill" USAGE: Import the category to your .m file or to your "prefix" file. #import "UIImageView+UIImageView_FaceAwareFill.h" Then AFTER setting the image property of a UIImageView do: [imageView faceAwareFill]; That's all.

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TheCapper screenshot


iOS based utility for conveniently generating resizable UIImage code

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ARLabel screenshot


Ever had one of the following problems with UILabel? - Unable to determine the correct font size to fit width and HEIGHT - UILabel adjustsFontSizeToFitWidth does not work as expected - Could not animate font size change <br> That is where ARLabel comes in. Forget font size altogether! ARLabel works automatically by setting its font size to fit its frame. So working with ARLabel is more like working with a plain UIView. Just set the frame to desired size and forget everything else. You want animated font size change? Just set a different frame inside an UIView animation block.

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ZDStickerView screenshot


ZDStickerView is an Objective-C module for iOS and offers complete configurability, including movement, resizing, rotation and more, with one finger. If you want to ask or suggest something to me, don't hesitate to do it. I'd appreciate any issue on Github (

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ResizeImage screenshot


ResizeImage is an example project demonstrating how to resize image without using UIPinchGesture. Tap on image and with the help of points on an image you will be able to resize the image. It also allows to move the image at any position without using UIPanGesture. Other features include: Add multiple images Group multiple images Ungroup images When you double tap on the image, you will get menu options - To back, To front, Delete To back -> send image back to another image To Front -> bring image in front of another image Delete -> Delete selected image.

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TDResizerView screenshot


TDResizerView is used to resize and rotate an imageview with single finger.

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OHStackView screenshot


This class allows you to stack its subviews, and automatically layout its subviews. It updates the position of every of its subviews automagically as soon as you modify the size of one of its subview.

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AutoResizingEditableTableViewCell screenshot


iOS UITableViewCell that automatically adjusts its height as you enter text.

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MGImageUtilities screenshot


Includes categories for proportional fill (scale, crop and more); and tinting UIImages.

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