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LiveKnob screenshot


Yet another knob for iOS but with IBDesignable and Ableton Live style.

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ADCircularMenu screenshot


Circular style menu * Smooth animations * Tapping non button area closes menu * Tap on Corner button again to close menu * Generic & small code * Easy to modify as per requirements * Customisation options like corner button images, menu buttons image, animation speed, button widths, distance between concentric circles ( provides as #defines )

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iOS Knob Control screenshot

iOS Knob Control

This is a generic, reusable knob control you can insert into any application. You may provide custom knob images or use the customizable default images. The control animates rotation of the image in response to one of several configurable gestures from the user. The knob has a number of configurable modes, including continuous, discrete and rotary dial. It includes two fully functional, identical sample apps, one in Swift and one in Objective-C. The control is written in Objective-C and supports iOS 6+. It is distributed as a single .h, .m file pair you insert into your project.

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JCDialPad screenshot


A highly customizable phone dial pad view with automatic phone number formatting, similar to the iOS 7 Phone app's Keypad view. Populate buttons with text or custom views, and easily respond to user actions in default or custom ways with one simple delegate method.

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CDPieMenu screenshot


Fully and easly customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. It rotates with inertia/momentum. Drawn using CoreGraphics without any images.

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Rotating Wheel Control screenshot

Rotating Wheel Control

Companion project for the tutorial: "How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control with UIKit " published here

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MHRotaryKnob screenshot


MHRotaryKnob is a UIControl that acts like a rotary knob. In operation it is similar to a UISlider but its shape is square rather than long and narrow. Great for music apps where you can use it as a volume or panning control. You can easily customize the look of the control using your own images.

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